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    The installation is intended for:
    – collaring of the anchors of the braces of oilfield derricks and masts;
    – tests on the bearing capacity of anchors with the issuance of a cartogram of test loads;

    – dismantling of anchors with their transportation to the site;

    – drilling pits under mortgages anchors;
    – drilling of leader wells for screw anchors and poles.

     the spudding – in inclined anchors at an angle from 45° to 90°, allows to provide more reliable carrying capacity of the anchor;
    – the mast in the working position has a negative angle of up to 30° of inclination relative to the chassis of the car, which allows you to perform work on the testing of anchors on the bearing capacity, near the casing of the pad and oil equipment of the pad;
    – performance of work on testing anchors on the bearing capacity with the issuance of a cartogram of the test loads and the coordinates of the work;
    – possibility of printing out test results of anchors on miniprinter СВМ910 immediately after testing;
    – drilling of leading wells for the installation of anchors, which allows to exclude from the process in winter the installation of PPU for heating the soil.