Our company’s plan to fully integrate the Nigerian economy and participate in the development of industrial and agricultural area in Nigeria. We have all the capacity and capability to successfully attain our plans. Also our company is open for collaboration with any willing business and government organization, particularly: agricultural sectors;

On the Joint Venture arrangement with STYER Nigeria Ltd and Minsk Tractors Work, we are planning to establish the assembly plant for Belarus tractors and agricultural equipment. We intend to be a major manufacturer and supplier of Agricultural tractors in Nigeria, who will provide complete package for Nigerian farmers for their successful field’s works: – training, workshop service, availability of spare parts.

In cooperation with Minsk Automobile Plant (MAZ) and STYER Nigeria Lit to establish an assembly plant for the various models of buses and trucks and also participate in arranging of proper transportation systems for the city and intercity mass-transport in Nigeria.

Mentioned above are our construction technical partners, who are willing to bring their equipment and new technologies to build Togo refinery in Lome and are also ready to participate in any construction project in Nigeria based on the guarantee from Nigerian Government and financing support from JSC VEBVENESHECONOMBANK

Drilling technologies:

EForce Group together with Drilling Rigs Manufacturing Company PRIDE  enters the market of Nigeria and the African continent as a whole to introduce the latest installations and technologies of drilling water wells to provide residents with access to clean drinking water beneficial to health. Water is the source of life and health. And the EForce Group is interested in the health of its nation and every person. This also applies to exploration, geological surveys and mining. PK PRIDE produces installations for Geology. This opens up a great opportunity to learn the raw material potential of Nigeria to increase the welfare of our people.

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